The Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 was established by GSA to assist federal government agencies with their procurement of IT products, services and solutions as needed to meet their agency IT missions.

IPNS is a proud holder of the new Cyber HACS and provides immediate proven expertise of all 4 HACS:

132- 45A Penetration Testing
132- 45B Incident Response
132- 45C Cyber Hunt
132- 45D Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA)


This Multiple Award Schedule grants agencies direct access to commercial experts who can thoroughly address the needs of the government IT community.

Contract Information

Contract Number: GS-35F-050GA
Contract SINs: 132-51, 132-45A, 132-45B, 132-45C, 132-45D
Type: MAS
User Agencies: All Federal and State
Size (Expiration): N/A (10/26/2021)


Our GSA Schedule contract delivers the following benefits:

  • Streamlined management for immediate response
  • Certified Information Technology professionals
  • Highly competitive pricing for services and products

Under our GSA schedule, IPNS provides support for the following functional areas:

  • IT Facility Operation and Maintenance
  • IT Systems Development Services
  • IT Systems Analysis Services
  • Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services
  • Programming Services
  • IT Backup and Security Services
  • IT Data Conversion Services
  • IT Network Management Services
  • Creation/Retrieval of IT Related Automated News Services, Data Services, or Other Information Services (All other information services belong under Schedule 76)
  • Other Information Technology Services, Not Elsewhere Classified


Program Manager: Ashok Murthy | (703) 787-0095 ext.207
Mailing Address: 13921 Park Center Road, Suite 400, Herndon, VA 20171

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