Providing Next-gen Software Development Services

Many Federal agencies recognize the need to modernize applications throughout their organizations. There are many potential benefits of doing so — ranging from increasing the efficiency of applications for users to making it easier to migrate legacy apps to the cloud.

At IPNS, we have extensive expertise in delivering software development services. We are particularly skilled in agile development and dev ops — two disciplines that are fundamental in helping agencies reach the next level in their migration. Because we also have deep insights and experience in cybersecurity, we are well-positioned to design and implement dev ops solutions that focus on secure agile development — building in cybersecurity protections from the very beginning of the development process.

We’ve also developed templates and documents to help application development teams better meet Federal cybersecurity mandates. With many years of experience providing software development services for agencies in the Civilian, Defense and Intelligence communities, our engineers can help customers plan and implement phased, secure deployment paths.

To learn more about how we can help support your mission with expert software development services, please contact us.